Skjenna Gård Venn

Owned by Lana from New York State


Norwegian Fjord Horse colt
Born June 30, 2001

Sire: Felix
(Haugjo N-2025 x Ella N-882604

Dam: Towelhaugen's Viktoria
(Anvil's Borgen [Rusten] x Towlehaugen's Karina [Leidjo])


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Venn (Norwegian for Friend) was born on Saturday, June 30th, 2001 at about 1:30 am.

At at 12:30am Saturday morning when I got up to check on Viktoria she was pacing and pacing. She was also very sweaty, so I sat down in the paddock to watch and wait. Finally at about 1:10 she lay down beside me and her water broke. It was textbook from there. Venn was imprinted while Viktoria relaxed.

Viktoria has been a great mother, good with her son, and generously lets people visit with him. Venn has inherited his mother's friendly demeanor and his father's great movement! He looks like he'll be a darker golden brown dun (like both his mother and father) and should grow to 14' or 14'1 hands.

Venn has been a joy to handle and train. He has a very quiet, cooperative demeanour which makes training easy. The farrier loves him! He has been handled daily, including picking up his feet, giving to pressure, leading, standing tied, turns on the forehand and haunches, plastic bags, ropes around his body and legs, Mom's saddle and bridle. Nothing phases this guy! We feel that he will be a great family horse.