Skj Uvær

Owned by Pat Wolfe


Norwegian Fjord Horse colt
Born April 10, 2000

Sire: Felix
(Haugjo N-2025  x Ella N-882604

Dam: Dora
(Draubach [WG]502000170 x Hertha G-(RH) H-3841)


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Evalutation Scores 2002 as a 2 year old

Total score 81.25

Head 8.5
Neck 7.75

Body 8.25

Forelegs 7.75

Hindlegs 7.5

Movement/walk 8.75

Movement/trot 8.75

Overall 8

Type 8 x 2 = 16

Uvær (Norwegian for Storm) was the first foal born on our farm - waited for with great excitement! He was born on Monday, April 10th at about 9:45 pm. during a spring snow storm!  

Both my husband Carm and myself were present for his birth. Dora seemed to be glad we were there and rested quietly while we dried him off and started imprinting him.

Uvær seems to have inherited both parents easy going dispositions, outstanding movement and presence. He has been bold, curious and outgoing from his first moments. We think he will go far with Pat!