LFF Wild Rose

Norwegian Fjord Horse filly
Born September 15, 2001

Sire: Fløtren N-932513 2.pr
(Hertug N-872523 3.pr x Seira N-15063 1.pr )

Dam: MVF Viola N-14936 2.pr
(Ronald N-1943 3.pr x Bella N-13467 2.pr )

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Rose is a Red-Dun daughter of Flotren. She's a full sister to LFF Valena. We purchased her from Lapp Family Farm as a weanling and she arrived at our farm April 2002. Rose is a lovely mare in both conformation and attitude. She is very people oriented and always eager to have her turn with training.

Rose is a nicely boned mare - big-boned without being drafty or coarse. She stands at 13'3 hands. The photos of Rose being ridden by Siri show her with a 5'10" rider.

July 2005 - Rose spent 7 weeks with Siri, a professional dressage trainer, advancing her riding training. She was a wonderful student always trying her hardest to pay attention and learn her lessons. Rose just loves to learn and loves the attention of being ridden. She has a wonderful work ethic. Siri did a very nice job with Rose and I couldn't believe the progress made in those short 7 weeks. But Rose was not rushed or pushed beyond what a young horse can handle and as such has maintained her positive attitude.

July 2004 - Rose spent 5 weeks with Pat Wolfe getting some driving training. Rose did very well and was doing a small cones course before she came back home. She looks great under harness!