Skjenna Gård Petra


Norwegian Fjord Horse filly
Born June 16, 2003

Sire: Felix
(Haugjo N-2025 x Ella N-882604

Dam: Towelhaugen's Viktoria
(Anvil's Borgen [Rusten] x Towlehaugen's Karina [Leidjo])


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For Sale. Petra is everything that we had hoped for with our breeding program - she's got great bone and size and is incredibly athletic. When I last measured her this past winter/early spring she was over 14'. She also has the lovely Fjord temperament, people friendly, brave and calm. Any horse person that's seen her, especially when moving, has been impressed. I had a Norwegian dressage trainer for a visit this spring and she could not take her eyes off of Petra.

Update - February 2004. Petra is almost 8 months old. She is a lovely filly and continues to look more and more like her 1/2 sister Britt. Felix does throw a consistent baby! Petra has a nice up-headed neck carriage and long reachy movement like her father.

Update - November 2003. Petra is now 5 months old. She's growing up to be a beautiful girl. She's been weaned from her mom - the weaning went well, with not too much upset! She was a mama's girl though and still misses Viktoria. We are thrilled with how she's turning out!

Petra was born about 12:45am with myself, my husband Carm and also my friend Deirdre in attendance. Deirdre camped out with me for three nights to try to catch the birth of Viktoria's foal. We "slept" in a tent pitched just outside of her paddock/stall. Thankfully I woke up to check just in the nick of time - I believe the water breaking must have woken me, as by the time I watched her for a moment or two, put my shoes on and got to her the feet were starting to show. From there everything went well. We were able to imprint the foal while Viktoria rested. Viktoria is a wonderful mother and very trusting of humans.

Her name has been chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a common Norwegian girl's name. Also, in certain lights, Viktoria's colour reminds me very much of the colours of the stone in Petra, an amazing place in Jordan that I visited several years ago with my Dad. She just missed being born on Father's Day by 45 minutes, but that's close enough!

Petra is already running circles around her mom at just 6 hours old! She hasn't quite gotten the hang of lying down though, so she's been mostly on her feet. She certainly seems strong and healthy - no wonder Viktoria has been feeling so miserable - Petra must have been pretty active to get so strong!

If Petra is anything like Viktoria's first foal she will be a great family horse. Her first foal, Venn, is a sweet, quiet, cooperative colt. Paired with the great movement he inherited from Felix he's quite the boy!