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About Our Parrots


We are no longer breeding parrots. All of our breeder birds have been re-homed with another breeder. It was a very difficult decision to let them go, but after many tears and sleepless nights we realized it was the best for all of us.

We do still have "Grace", an offspring of Buzz and Wholia that we have kept as a pet. She hatched in the summer of 1998 and was hand-raised by Ruth. She's a wonderful bird, full of fun and life. She LOVEs our new life of travelling and camping and is an excellent traveller.


We had a very small flock of parrots as we wanted to ensure that each pair received the highest quality of care possible. We carefully designed our birdroom to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Our flock was been closed since 1992, with no new outside additions. Our birds received a variety of foods every day. During harvest season, we created a mix of 15+ ingredients, which are chopped & mixed & frozen for safe keeping. Each batch has a slightly different mix of vegetables and fruits to ensure variety. In addition to this mix, we add cooked oatmeal mixed with pellets and spices, scrambled egss, and other fresh produce as its available. Walnuts are enjoyed by everyone at suppertime.


Our babies were raised by Ruth Wilson. She specialized in giving each chick the individual attention and socialization that makes for a great pet. Her family was also involved with the chicks, so they got attention from many people. Our birds made great pets!


Visit our parrot photo albums for more photos of our birds and their babies!

Our Pairs
Baby Parrots

Buzz & Wholia

African Grey Congos

Buzz - hatched June 6, 1990
Breeder Mae Rankin from Toronto

Wholia - hatched July 5, 1991
Purchased from Maria Walters - breeder unknown

Oscar & Felix

African Grey Timnehs

Oscar - hatched in 1988
breeder unknown

Felix - hatch date unkown
Purchased as a wild-caught bird from Mark Hagen in 1993

Zack and Bubersena

Blue & Gold Macaws

Zack - hatched March 1991
Breeder Mike Barry from Toronto

Bubersena - March 1991
Breeder Don Adams from BC