Skjenna Gård Ingvi-Frey


Norwegian Fjord Horse colt
Born June 19, 2003

Sire: Prydarson

Dam: Dora
(Draubach [WG]502000170 x Hertha G-(RH) H-3841)


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Update - May 2004. Ingvi has started his trek to his new home with David. He will rest at Old Hickory farm in NY state until David can bring him home the rest of the way. Ingvi handled the trip well - 6 hours in the trailer by himself! We will miss him!

Update - February 2004. Ingvi is almost 8 months old. He is continuing to impress us with his lovely looks and kind temperament. We are anxious to hear what David Hagen has to say about him when they finally meet face to face!

Update - November 2003. Ingvi is now 5 months old. He's growing well and getting more beautiful every day! I think he's the splitting image of his Mom, which is great as she's beautiful. He's got a lovely head, with a nice neckset. He carries himself very proudly. If he keeps going the way he is he will be a beautiful boy!

Ingvi-Frey was born about 12:06pm with myself in attendance. Dora almost gave birth in the front paddock, but I happened to check her just as her water broke. Luckily I was able to drag her back to the barn where 6 minutes later Ingvi was totally born! He's quite a bit smaller than Petra (but it seems she must be a giant, as he seems more the size of our previous colts!).

His name is the historical personage from which the Norse god Frey was based upon. Besides being god of sunshine, fruitfulness, peace and prosperity, Frey was considered the patron of horses and horsemen.

Ingvi was cantering around his mom at just 3 hours old. He's very strong and active. He's already had a few halter lessons, and has "dragged" a big bag of empty cans behind him! His first driving lessons!

We have great hopes for Ingvi - he has the bloodlines to be an exceptional horse! Already he is showing an exceptional shoulder and neck set. He also seems to have inherited Dora's calm, laidback personality! This boy is going to be a GREAT horse!