Skjenna Gård Fiorgyn


Norwegian Fjord Horse filly
Born May 16, 2005

Sire: Felix
(Haugjo N-2025 x Ella N-882604

Dam: LFF Valena
(Flotren x MVF Viola)


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We are very excited to announce the birth of Valena's first foal. This filly is the first crossing of Flotren and Felix lines. If she lives up to her bloodlines this filly should have it all!

Fiorgyn was born at 5:30am with myself and my husband Carm in attendance. She made us wait for her arrival though, as Valena showed signs of being ready to foal 4 days earlier - luckily I have a comfortable tent arrangement that allows me to see directly into the foaling stall and its attached paddock without getting up.

In Norse Mythology, Fiorgyn is Frigga's (goddess of the atmosphere) mother. We wanted an "F" name to honour her Father and Grand-father.

Fiorgyn has had her inital imprinting done. Next step is out in the paddock where I will direct her movement. She will learn at an early age that people can control and direct where she goes. We have a very gentle and natural way of imprinting that combines the structure of Robert Miller with the naturalness and quietness of Pat Parelli. We have found that the combination is great.