Trips taken June 2009

Rideau River Provincial Campground - June 5th to June 7th

Carm and dogs at boat launch.

Campsite 36 - how on earth did we get in there?

Visit with Ruth and John at their cottage - its in the air!

Supper with Ruth and John at our "place".

Ruth gives the birds their supper.

Carm and John bbqing.

Riverside Cedar Campground - June 26th to July 5th

Kabira and Spike back to bed with me after their breakfast (the big lump under the covers is me sound asleep).

Joe and Sandy and Sunny visiting for the day.

Sunny was a whirling dervish so I only got blurry photos of him!

Sunny and Bella playing. Bella loves puppies.

Sunny. What a cutie!

Finally a tired puppy (okay only for a few seconds but still tired!).

A sunshade that we have had for ages but never used, with side panels that I made of Sunbrella fabric that I got from Ebay. Works like a charm.

Grace enjoying a walk-about.

Spike with Sunny's two sisters. Dawn and Cathey visited on Sunday - Dawn brought the two toy puppies and Cathey brought her 2 dogs. It was a very doggie day!

Cathey with Harmony on her lap.

female toy puppy

female toy puppy

Dawn with the 2 females

Our dogs and Ruth & Johns dogs - talk about a pack!

Ruth and John. Notice Kabira under the table - it was so cold she needed her jammies on.