Interier Photos and Decor Changes

Fabric that will be used

Blue striped fabric used for some curtains in the bathroom, and accent pillows in living room.

Another accent fabric, this time with parrots!

I've used this rose print in the bedroom for accent pillows, curtains and the headboard.

Photos of the Living Area

Even with the slide closed everything is accessable and very livable.

New smaller table with iron chairs from house.

The top parts of the valances have been recovered with the coordinating plain(ish) green fabric from the original factory chairs and the sides of the valences. I ordered it from Titanium to match, but no longer use the factory chairs - it still matches the sides of the valences so I guess that's good. I've also removed the wallpaper border. Its looking more like our home.

Bedroom and Bathroom

Bedroom mid-transition from factory delievered.

Bedroom mid-transition from factory delievered.

Bedroom all finished.

Bedroom all finished.

Bathroom mid-transition from factory delievered.


Hung Ikea bygel units to organize space. Cupboards are deep so this saves reaching in.

Hung Ikea bygel rail with haning shelf. It clears off a bit of counter space. Stuck a magnet to the bottom and now I have an handy place to keep my paring knife. The shelf and hanging cutlery organizer are easily stowed for travelling.

Here's what it looks like in the spring of 2010 - still some changes to make to get it "just right".