Interier Photos and Decor Changes

Fabric that will be used

Blue striped fabric used for some curtains in the bathroom and bedroom, and accent pillows in living room.

Another accent fabric, this time with parrots!

I'll use this parrot print in the bedroom for accent pillows.

Photos of the interior

We moved the TV to the upper cabinet and make the lower area suitable for Grace. Its not the largest cage, but she has a big one for outside, and we had to make her fit in somehow!

I was going to use denim to make a slipcover but found a coordinating colour pre-made. Its a bit more formal and the lighter colour shows more dirt, but its brighter inside.

New purchased slipcover. Accents have been changed from icyblue to burgundy for the cooler weather. I'll switch back to the blue late spring.

Kitchen and rear of trailer. Large cutting boards increase the work surfaces.

Cosy table setting for Thanksgiving supper.


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