Our Travelling Companions

Photo of Bella with photoshop effects applied.

Photo of Kabira & Spike with photoshop with effects applied. One of those rare moments when a camera is handy!

Bella our Standard Poodle (2005).

Kabira our Rhodesian Ridgeback (2006).

Bella and Kabira getting along.

Grace our African Grey Congo (1998).

Spike our miniature poodle (2008).

Three dogs together in December 2008.

Spike at 9 weeks.

Spike at 9 months (all grown up we hope!).

2008 Snow Photos


Cold Kabira

Bella, Spike, Kabira

Bella, Spike, Kabira

Bella, Spike, Kabira

2009 Photos

Spike and Kabira having a nap

Spike eating his pigs foot. It takes him about 1 1/2 hours to eat half. The big dogs get a whole one. When then finish theirs I take his away for next time. It really cleans their teeth well! A big ymmy (gross) toothbrush :-)

Spike all bathed and brushed. Due for a haircut before camping starts!