Skjenna Gård Birgitta


Norwegian Fjord Horse filly
Born July 12, 2004

Sire: Prydarson

Dam: Britt II
(Felix x Yui)


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Birgitta was born at 8:00 pm on July 12th. We almost missed her birth, but managed to be there to imprint her. Birgitta was up and walking within 1/2 hour and didn't stop till 11:00 pm! She was running circles around her mom and just didn't seem to get tired (we sure were though!). She is a friendly and outgoing foal that just never seems to stop! She has lots of energy and seems to have the making of a performance prospect. At 3 days old she loves to splash in the water and shows no fear of anything. She walks over tarps, steps over logs, plays with shavings bags, has dragged a bag of noisy cans, leads, steps back and over, picks up her feet. She's a quick study!

Britt, the dam of the foal, is a lovely mare with fabulous movement and loving temperment. She has a long ground-covering walk, a floating trot and lovely round canter. She is brave and outgoing. She takes after her father, Felix, in many ways.

Prydarson (Sonny), the sire of the foal, has been proven in the Evaluation process. He also brings outstanding athletic ability and movement. I think we will have a winner in the combination of these two sire lines for both performance and potential breeding.