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generated on 2004/08/29
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2002_1109_52 2003_0301_14_horses_fog
Horses in the barn - November 2002 Horses in the fog - March 2003
2004_0721_horses_007 2004_0826_herd_first_intro_010_resize
Buster, Valena & Petra - July 2004 Herd all together for the first time - NINE horses!!!
2004_0827_herd_sand_ring_004_crop 2004_0827_herd_sand_ring_026_crop
Clara, Buster, Rose, Valena in sandring - 2004 Herd in sandring - 2004
2004_0827_herd_sand_ring_031_crop 2004_0827_herd_sand_ring_035_crop
Valena, Petra, Rose & Viktoria - 2004 From left to right - Buster, Valena, Rose, Viktoria, Petra - 2004
kvbjorn kvelex
Kervan Farms Bjorn Kervan Farms horses
stallion_anvilsborgen stallion_flotjump
Anvil's Borgen - Viktoria's father Flotren jumping - Photo curtesy of Julie Will
Flotren - Photo curtesy of Julie Will