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d02_dora_009 d04_dora_008
Dora soon after arriving from Alberta - Spring 1997 Dora summer 1997
d06_dora_018 d07_dora_010
Dora and I with our friends Deirdre and Chief - summer 1998 Dora and I Summer 1997
d09_dora_013a d12_dora_015
Dora and I out for a ride - fall 1997 Dora and I out for a ride - Spring 1998
d14_dora_017 d17_dora_020
Dora and I out for a ride - Spring 1998 Dora giving a pony ride - fall 1998
d20_dora_005 d24_rebecca_mary_june29_2002_02
Dora waiting to be tacked up. Summer 2001 - Photo by Dorothy Hansen
d25_mv_dora_2002_sept15_08_resize d26_mv_dora_2002_sept15_16_resize
Dora and Nathan, at the Middleville Fjord Horse show - September 2002