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generated on 2006-06-18
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2004_0619_clara_002 2004_0622_clara_016
Clara when she first arrived at our farm. Jenn riding Clara for the first time - soon after Clara arrived at our farm.
2004_0626_horses_riding_006 2006_0305_clara_07_resize
Jenn riding Clara - June 2004
2006_0305_clara_12_resize 2006_0305_clara_17_resize
2006_0305_clara_25_resize 2006_0305_clara_29_resize
2006_0305_clara_30_resize 2006_0617_clara_15
June 16, 2006
2006_0617_clara_28 2006_0617_clara_64
June 16, 2006 June 16, 2006
June 16, 2006